CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 survey

This is responding to the action point

- Specification
CSS Mobile Profile 1.0,
Working Draft by December 8, 2006

- Mobile web relevance
Very relevant.

- Test suite

- Status
Unknown, but seems finished/stable.

- Coverage
Unknown, estimated 80%.
Both HTML (220) and XHTML (230) tests available.

- Test assertions
The test suite link above points to a result summary template, which in  
turn points to various CSS tests. The tests don't point to specific parts  
of the specification.

- Documentation
There is no documentation found.

- Test harness
Your browser would work as harness, clicking links and navigating back  

- Automation
No automation process, the test suite is tested manually.

- Public availability

- License
No license AFAICS.

- Comments
No maintenance process is found.

Till Halbach
Quality Assurance, Opera Software (www.opera.com)

Received on Tuesday, 6 February 2007 10:34:34 UTC