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[Bug 25518] New: Change SourceBuffer.remove() end parameter to unrestricted double (Wednesday, 30 April)

[Bug 25506] New: Convert EME spec to use ReSpec (Tuesday, 29 April)

[MSE] Spec Updates Published Aaron Colwell (Tuesday, 29 April)

[Bug 25505] New: Move MPEG Audio Bytestream format spec timestamp logic into coded frame processing algorithm (Tuesday, 29 April)

[MSE] Alternate proposal for resolving Bug 24370 Aaron Colwell (Thursday, 24 April)

[EME] reuse of session Maruyama, Shinya (Thursday, 24 April)

[Bug 25434] New: Remove unsupported informative text in Abstract regarding OOB communication. (Wednesday, 23 April)

Need reviewer for MSE tests Michael[tm] Smith (Wednesday, 23 April)

[NEW] Media Task Force Wiki Joe Steele (Tuesday, 22 April)

RE: [MSE] MPEG audio byte stream format spec. Jerry Smith (WINDOWS) (Tuesday, 22 April)

[Bug 25409] New: Allow applications to detect whether a key is usable before using it to decrypt content (Monday, 21 April)

[Bug 25385] New: clear key cannot provide basic protection, why not considering web cryptography API (Friday, 18 April)

[Bug 25347] New: [MSE] 'nullable' arguments and type conversions and INVALID_ACCESS_ERR (vs. WebIDL) (Tuesday, 15 April)

[EME] Spec now uses promises David Dorwin (Monday, 14 April)

RE: [MSE] Blink MSE tests submitted to web-platform-test project Paul Cotton (Wednesday, 9 April)

[MSE] F2F discussion items Paul Cotton (Wednesday, 9 April)

[EME] Open bug status (for f2f agenda development) David Dorwin (Tuesday, 8 April)

[MSE] Summary of "Resolving Bug 24370" thread and proposed next steps Aaron Colwell (Monday, 7 April)

[Bug 25271] New: Key Session description of key usage is ambiguous (Saturday, 5 April)

[Bug 25269] New: Add a container-independent initialization data type for providing a list of key IDs to createSession() (Friday, 4 April)

[Bug 25268] New: Reduce the burden on applications to dedupe initData from many needkey events (Friday, 4 April)

[Bug 25267] New: Remove ability for in-memory sessions to be re-used (Friday, 4 April)

[EME] key share policy Maruyama, Shinya (Friday, 4 April)

RE: [EME] Persistent license Maruyama, Shinya (Friday, 4 April)

Issue with updating/updateend Aymeric Vitte (Wednesday, 2 April)

[MSE] Resolving Bug 24370 Aaron Colwell (Wednesday, 2 April)

[MSE] Spec Updates Published Aaron Colwell (Tuesday, 1 April)

Clarifying key types and persistence Joe Steele (Tuesday, 1 April)

Re: [EME] Persistent license Joe Steele (Tuesday, 1 April)

{minutes} HTML WG media telecon 2014-04-01 EME bug discussion Joe Steele (Tuesday, 1 April)

Re: [MSE] MPEG audio byte stream format spec. Cyril Concolato (Tuesday, 1 April)

{agenda} HTML WG media telecon 2014-04-01 - EME bug discussion Paul Cotton (Tuesday, 1 April)

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