Need reviewer for MSE tests

Hitoshi Uchida recently submitted a number of tests for the MSE spec:

It would be great if somebody from the Media TF could review the tests. If
you're not familiar with the web-platform-tests review process and the test
harness we use, I'd be happy to spend some time getting your oriented.

We have a supplementary code-review system called Critic that's a big
improvement over just using the built-in Github pull-request interface
(which isn't a serious code-review system at all). So each pull request
generates a corresponding Critic review. For example, the pull request at
[1] has a corresponding Critic review at [2].


Each of the pull requests includes a comment that links to the
corresponding Critic review.

Anyway as I said, if somebody familiar with the MSE spec would be willing
to spend some time reviewing the tests, I'd be willing to spend some time
helping you with the review logistics as needed.


Michael[tm] Smith

Received on Wednesday, 23 April 2014 05:28:15 UTC