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[Bug 5821] meta/@scheme missing

[Bug 7542] Remove Section 5. Microdata

[Bug 8079] "the document is therefore required to use UTF-8 as its encoding" - this sounds like it's intended as an informative restatement of the conformance requirements in #character-encoding-declaration, in which case it shouldn't use the normative keyword "requ

[Bug 8092] HTMLCollection subclass interfaces are incompatible with static languages

[Bug 8093] Why is the browsing context name reset on domain navigation?

[Bug 8094] It's not very clear whether or not this includes word-style, squiggly-line, as-you-type spell-checking. This feature sounds like more of a manual spell-check done after a body of text is completed. Should a spell-check option be added to the CSS spec for

[Bug 8095] link's "type" attribute could be used to advertise available representations if it were linked to the Accept: header per Mike Kelly's thread(s)

[Bug 8096] <link>'s "type" attribute should be allowed to appear multiple times and/or should allow for a space separated list of advertised types, such that clients can request them via the Accept: header.

[Bug 8097] Link relation types should use the IANA registry per draft-nottingham-http-link-header

[Bug 8100] typo : double "the"

[Bug 8101] typo: doubled "the"

[Bug 8102] typo: doubled "the", and that two times.

[Bug 8103] typo: doubled "the", and that two times.

[Bug 8104] typo: doubled "the"

[Bug 8105] typo: doubled "the"

[Bug 8106] typo: doubled "the"

[Bug 8107] I dont think that itemid should be prohibited if there is no itemtype. Several of the use cases would work fine with an id but no type

[Bug 8108] There is no reference about the mouseover event judgment when the element(iframe,canvas, etc..) including the transparent shade comes in succession mutually, and it embarrasses it. I hope the judgment to be done as seen.

[Bug 8109] I'm looking for the API proposal of accessing metadata of media files. For example, I'll want to access metadata of audio files for to get it's title, artists, etc. Or, if I need to get the shooting time of photo, I'll want to get it from JPEG's EXIF

[Bug 8110] <table border=adsf> should also have 1px border

[Bug 8111] when <table border> is present, the border-width of the table's th and td should be set to 1px as a presentational hint

[Bug 8112] the border-style on table and td, th should only be set when <table border> is present

[Bug 8113] checking should be cancelable

[Bug 8114] Section "months" should be renamed to "year-months". This is clearer, and allows the spec to add a section just handling months (without years) in the future.

[Bug 8115] The note on time-zone ranges is too absolute in stating the limits from -12 to +14 and 00/30/45 minutes. Add the word "currently" in to the note.

[Bug 8116] URNs are URIs but not URLs

[Bug 8117] "trusted" is underlined but not a link -- missing definition? Or does the following 'i.e.' define it?

[Bug 8120] Shoud their be any reason that two circles, pure white, alpha =1, drawn in xor mode, do not overlap each other perfectly and then do not "cancel" each other ? (this works with rects). Same effect in Safari and firefox. Thanks

[Bug 8121] what does this do?

[Bug 8125] Can it be specified somewhere that script can define a variable named "top" with 'var top' in a global context? This is currently inconsistent across browsers.

[Bug 8135] "The script element has a src attribute set where previously the element had no such attribute." - should probably only happen if the script is in a document at the time, else would break (th

[Bug 8136] "the DOM text attribute" - s/DOM/IDL/ [pt]

[Bug 8137] In the scripting-enabled case, noscript outside head has to be conforming if replaced by its parsed text, but noscript inside head doesn't (so <noscript><meta bogus></noscript> is allowed); they ought to consistently require conformingness. [pt]

[Bug 8138] in aside for blogrolls example <h1>My last post</h1> appears twice, 2nd one should probably be <h1>My first post</h1>

[Bug 8139] In #the-section-element the graduation programme example code formatting is strange—closing brackets have been moved to the subsequent line, elements have been first-letter capitalised

[Bug 8140] Consider adding color IDL attribute (IE, Gecko). [ms]

[Bug 8141] Add hr color content attribute [ms]

[Bug 8142] title: "abbr; dfn;" - remove ";" [ms]

[Bug 8144] Is a 'visibility: hidden' element being rendered?

[Bug 8145] Unclear: "Certain algorithms in this specification spoon-feed the parser characters one *string* at a time." Better: "one character at a time"?

[Bug 8147] The suggested size limit is absurd considering the multi-GB space available on even the cheapest netbooks these days. We need a clear "I want this much, how much did the user and his agent allow me to have?" API. Otherwise, online media apps like photo al

[Bug 8150] In the description for article, you talk about "Web log posts" but in the example, you use the much more common and understood "blog post". I think the latter should be used throughout. (I would even go so far as to suggest that "Web log" has lost meaning

[Bug 8151] "If the resulting value is not a recognized language code, then it must be treated as an unknown language (as if the value was the empty string)." -- consider how this interacts with CSS :lang(), with passthrough/roundtripping, screen readers that recogni

[Bug 8152] Remove the <progress> and <meter> fallback magic

[Bug 8153] "The default is start. Other values are ignored." (et passim) would read better if the sentences are reversed ("possible values are [...]. Other values are ignored. The default is [...].")

[Bug 8156] I think the "the" is extraneous. Should be "It indicates that no referrer information is to be leaked..."

[Bug 8173] Last paragraph, first (only) sentence; add the "to" in brackets ([]) as follows: "are expected to distribute the remainder first [to] the last entry whose unit is relative"

[Bug 8187] Section 4.8.7 on video makes no reference to audio description

[Bug 8207] Change definition of URL to normative reference to IRIBIS

[Bug 8220] Remove microdata

[Bug 8238] Add support for X3D

[Bug 8264] Fix terminology for "resource", "representation", "retrieval"

[Bug 8268] XMLHttpRequest fails for documents with named entities due to doctype

[Bug 8365] Remove the Web Browsers Section 6

[Bug 8372] Restore <spacer> parsing as void element

[Bug 8373] <form> in table and the form pointer

[Bug 8404] Refocus the figure element back to being a figure

[Bug 8411] New: If a video@src is present, where is the @type info for that @src?

[Bug 8412] New: To prevent sites from loading gigabytes of data, shouldn't the user agent explicitly mention the size of the files in the manifest. (This would also require a check during the downloading process, as to whether the provided sizes are real)

[Bug 8413] New: Please ensure "valid date string" supports non yyyy-mm-dd formats (UK = ddmmyyyy for example)

[Bug 8414] New: Shouldn't the example pattern be "^[0-9][A-Z]{3}$"? The current example would succeed with any string containing a part number, and not just a string that is one.

[Bug 8415] New: Nested browsing contexts don't get unloaded currently. I'm guessing that unloading a document should do it for the nested ones too?

[Bug 8416] New: The "Fragment identifier loop" part of the "update the session history with the new page" algorithm should spin the event loop instead of just hanging the browser... Also, the last step in that algorithm should jump back to the frag id loop step, not the

[Bug 8417] New: "user agents must yield to whatever script invoked the navigation steps" should also allow tasks to continue, with the rest of the algorithm being async, so that the event loop doesn't block waiting for data.

[Bug 8418] New: Consider coining the term "entry script" instead of the confusing "first script".

[Bug 8419] Maybe use a different attribute value than "be evil"

[Bug 8419] New: Maybe use a different attribute value than "be evil"

[Bug 8423] New: Shouldn't the datalist element be allowed to contain optgroup elements as well as option elements?

[Bug 8425] New: Cloning a DOMString with unpaired surrogates should throw SYNTAX_ERR, to allow UAs to serialise structured clones as UTF-8.

[Bug 8426] New: Description says "five minutes" example equates to "ten minutes"

[Bug 8427] New: Typo in "The PropertyNodeList object can be used to obtained all the values at once". s/obtained/obtain/

[Bug 8428] New: The first document.getItems() example should use the type "" instead of ""

[Bug 8430] New: 3.5.4 Minor typo 'thee' instead of 'the'.

[Bug 8435] New: should figure out where in HTML5 to say that WebSocket and XHR connections get closed when the document is unloaded.

[Bug 8436] New: "granularity that is expected (and required) of the value, by limiting the allowed values" -- granularity requirments may often be different for validation versus usability/ui-control purposes. There should be a 'step' for possible GUI controls and an oth

[Bug 8443] aadsafdsaf

[Bug 8443] New: aadsafdsaf

[Bug 8445] New: the picture from wf2 showing url autocomplete seems to have disappeared

[Bug 8446] New: we should add an example here showing a webmail client providing autocomplete suggestions for <input multiple type=email list=contacts> while the UA adds its own suggestions from the platform's native contacts database.

[Bug 8447] New: Tighter definition on the aside element

[Bug 8447] Tighter definition on the aside element

[Bug 8448] New: There's an extra word (marked with ***) in this sentence: "It indicates that ***the*** no referrer information is to be leaked when following the link."

[Bug 8449] New: Remove extraneous material from Table section

[Bug 8449] Remove extraneous material from Table section

[Bug 8450] Case insensitivity of @rel vs case sensitivity of URIs

[Bug 8450] New: Case insensitivity of @rel vs case sensitivity of URIs

[Bug 8451] New: "The q element uses the HTMLQuoteElement interface." - say "Uses HTMLQuoteElement." instead, for consistency with "Uses HTMLElement."

[Bug 8452] New: It would be really helpful if the current mouse position could be derived from the drag event.

[Bug 8455] New: "></samp>" lines in Zork example try to close an already-closed tag

[Bug 8457] New: "scripts and form controls in such sections still render execute and submit respectively" - s/render// [pt]

[Bug 8459] New: "For instance, a user agent might wait 500ms or 512 bytes, whichever came first." -- IMO this is a bad example, over a satellite link the typical RTT might be 600-1500ms. Or is the assumption that the counting starts after the first packet of data is rece

[Bug 8461] New: valid MIME type vs parameters

[Bug 8462] New: "fetch the resulting absolute URL"

[Bug 8463] New: typo in description of <object>

[Bug 8465] New: style element in the example is missing scoped attribute

[Bug 8466] New: Possible spelling mistake in “Malinko's comics” example; Promblem -> Problem? (image src and alt text)

[Bug 8468] New: Shouldn't there be an option to allow the text field to be edited in select elements?

[Bug 8469] New: which browser can use it

[Bug 8469] which browser can use it

[Bug 8470] New: The "Running a script" section has "If either:" and 3 bullets; should be "If:".

[Bug 8470] The "Running a script" section has "If either:" and 3 bullets; should be "If:".

[Bug 8472] New: Reference now that's in a useful state [ms]

[Bug 8473] New: Sentence about the effect of changing src/async/defer on <script> is wrong

[Bug 8475] command-apis

[Bug 8475] New: command-apis

[Bug 8476] <canvas> contexts

[Bug 8476] New: <canvas> contexts

[Bug 8478] New: section-server

[Bug 8478] section-server

[Bug 8479] http content-type override mandatory for <object>

[Bug 8479] New: http content-type override mandatory for <object>

[Bug 8484] New: the function in this definition list aren't hyperlinked like all other functions (makes parsing a bit more difficult)

[Bug 8485] New: "Otherwise, if the col element has no span attribute, or if trying to parse the attribute's value resulted in an error, then let span be 1.": This should account (again) for span=0. [ms]

[Bug 8486] New: Define inheritance of lang, dir, style, and presatational attributes (HTML4 § "Inheritance of alignment specifications") [ms]

[Bug 8487] New: "A future version of this specification will probably define a 3d context (probably based on the OpenGL ES API).": reference WebGL rather than a "future version of this specification"? [ms]

[Bug 8489] New: before the page loaded, so maybe the head section..

[Bug 8490] New: Shouldn't postMessage throw SYNTAX_ERR when targetOrigin is a relative URL (e.g. '/')? [sp]

[Bug 8491] New: Using "Window" for this interface is very unfortunate. That word is heavily overloaded and it is already "taken" by javascript. The API documentation here illustrates the issue: note the attribute 'window' of type WindowProxy. In all kinds of discussions

[Bug 8491] Using "Window" for this interface is very unfortunate. That word is heavily overloaded and it is already "taken" by javascript. The API documentation here illustrates the issue: note the attribute 'window' of type WindowProxy. In all kinds of discussions

[Bug 8492] New: Re: example "<span itemscope><span itemprop="name">The Castle</span></span>" Is "<span itemscope itemprop="name">The Castle</span>" allowed. This wasn't clear to me.

[Bug 8493] New: I think <hr> element should represent NOT ONLY a paragraph-level thematic break BUT ALSO a separator between flow contents, for backword compatibility.

[Bug 8496] New: Shouldn't a loop in structured clone throw INVALID_STATE_ERR instead? [sp]

[Bug 8501] New: should make it clearer that fragment identifiers are not conforming if they don't match an id.

[Bug 8501] should make it clearer that fragment identifiers are not conforming if they don't match an id.

[Bug 8506] New: The value of a hidden-state input element as defined here does not have a concept of a defaultValue. Setting either the value or the defaultValue will both result in changing of the value since both are direct access to the attribute rather than an insta

[Bug 8509] New: ll for

[Bug 8510] alert('x');

[Bug 8510] New: alert('x');

[Bug 8512] I'm confused by the wording on the SVG namespace, so in HTML5 the svg namespace will be used?

[Bug 8512] New: I'm confused by the wording on the SVG namespace, so in HTML5 the svg namespace will be used?

[Bug 8513] New: AFAICT from WebIDL, ports can never be null, so step 3 is a no-op. If the sequence should be nullable, it has to be written with a question mark in the IDL, I think. [sp]

[Bug 8514] New: Shouldn't port1 and port2 be start()ed when the constructor in called? [sp]

[Bug 8515] New: Would be nice to clarify how this interacts with https. Many browsers do not cache https data to disk at all and it would be nice for https based applications to have some way to take advantage of disk based cache for non-sensitive data.

[Bug 8516] hi there. this is a test comment.

[Bug 8516] New: hi there. this is a test comment.

[Bug 8522] New: Authoring Tool editing mechanisms

[Bug 8523] New: WYSYWYG tools should gather semantic information

[Bug 8524] New: Guidance for Authoring Tool Markup Generators

[Bug 8525] New: Authoring Tools are exempt from using elements only for their specified purpose

[Bug 8527] New: Syntax for |:lang('xyzzy')| and |:lang('abcde')| is wrong, should be |:lang(xyzzy)| and |:lang(abcde)|. [ms]

[Bug 8528] New: "scripts are still prevented from creating popups", therefore shouldn't an "allow-popup" token also be included?

[Bug 8530] New: fallback content

[Bug 8531] New: Add specification of atob and btoa

[Bug 8532] ghfhfh

[Bug 8532] New: ghfhfh

[Bug 8533] New: "Throws a SYNTAX_ERR exception the arguments have invalid values (e.g., in the case of XML documents, if the given string is not well-formed)." Should read "Throws a SYNTAX_ERR exception IF the arguments have invalid values (e.g., in the case of XML docum

[Bug 8535] New: For the sake of consistency, should the misspelling not be preserved, at least as an accepted varient? The keywords "noreferrer" and "noreferer" should be equivalent.

[Bug 8538] New: What is the resolution of the attributes? Should the amount of seconds be expressed as an integer or a float, and in the latter case, with what precision?

[Bug 8539] New: Define nobr, wbr and their interfaces [ms]

[Bug 8540] New: Make sure to define the interfaces for all these elements (center, etc.) [ms]

[Bug 8541] New: release date of HTML5

[Bug 8541] release date of HTML5

[Bug 8542] New: release date of HTML5

[Bug 8542] release date of HTML5

[Bug 8543] New: content.attr is not a function

[Bug 8544] New: Define HTMLAnchorElement.text [ms]

[Bug 8545] New: Remove "Window implements WindowModal; /* sometimes */" as it doesn't add anything and it contradicts the definition of "implements" in WebIDL [ms]

[Bug 8546] New: "...can only do so because they have the two Document object have the same origin.": s/they have the two Document object/the two Document objects/ [ms]

[Bug 8547] New: Would it make sense to make this an interface with [NoInterfaceObject]? [ms]

[Bug 8548] New: Move this section ("Namespaces") out of "9 The HTML syntax" and into "2 Common infrastructure", as it is relevant to other sections as well [ms]

[Bug 8549] New: Define bgsound, multicol. [ms]

[Bug 8550] Add document.createElement("<div>") (Gecko quirks, IE)? [ms]

[Bug 8550] New: Add document.createElement("<div>") (Gecko quirks, IE)? [ms]

[Bug 8551] New: The following Gecko-supported extensions to HTMLDocument aren't in the spec: readonly attribute long width; readonly attribute long height; void clear(); void captureEvents(in long eventFlags); void releaseEvents(in long eventFlags); void routeEvent(in ns

[Bug 8552] New: Remove the Progress Element

[Bug 8552] Remove the Progress Element

[Bug 8554] <progress> element should be labelable with a label

[Bug 8554] New: <progress> element should be labelable with a label

[Bug 8555] New: Remove the Meter Element

[Bug 8555] Remove the Meter Element

[Bug 8556] New: "types with unknown parameters must be assumed to be unsupported" - <style type="text/css; charset=xxx"> should be assumed to be unsupported as well?

[Bug 8557] New: Where is the definition of "text-based" and "XML-based" languages? In my opinion it should be defined based on whehter type="" is an XML MIME type or not.

[Bug 8558] New: a text node that is a descendant of |style| or |script| element should not be counted as well as |del| element descendants

[Bug 8559] New: Add window.atob, window.btoa? [ms]

[Bug 8560] New: Define as (CSSOM)? [ms]

[Bug 8561] New: testdd

[Bug 8561] testdd

[Bug 8562] New: testdd

[Bug 8562] testdd

[Bug 8565] New: The word "trusted" does not appear in the DOM Level 3 Events specification

[Bug 8565] The word "trusted" does not appear in the DOM Level 3 Events specification

[Bug 8566] New: The 1st paragraph of this section doesn't match the parsing rules in the last paragraph. Also, the first para seems to refer to document type rather than element type. Change "element in the document" to "document element" maybe?

[Bug 8567] New: Maybe this should only apply for HTML documents. (Same for <style>.) [sp]

[Bug 8569] New: I just checked Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and IE, and Firefox seems to be the only browser treating two subsequent HYPHEN-MINUS characters in a comment as a signature of comment end. I suggest to allow subsequent HYPHEN-MINUS characters in comments, a

[Bug 8571]

[Bug 8571] New:

[Bug 8572]

[Bug 8572] New:

[Bug 8575] New: The "JavaScript specification current at the time of this writing" is now ES5, not ES3

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