[Bug 8404] Refocus the figure element back to being a figure


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> > > > > > Here is another example of a table as a figure, this time with real data, not
> > > > > > fake data meant for illustrative purposes:
> > > > > > http://books.google.com/books?id=QbdMOM89qv0C&lpg=PA555&dq=%22table%20in%20figure%22&lr=&pg=PA556#v=onepage&q=%22table%20in%20figure%22&f=false

> And to say out in the air that <object> has many parsing quirks is not helpful.
> I am, in fact, not aware of any parsing bugs for <object> when it is used as a
> wrapper. OK, of course, i IE6/IE7 there are bugs. But that's the same for
> <figure><dt><dd></figure> - and the solution there was "use a div".  The
> solution to IE6/IE7's problem with <object> is the same: Use a div - even a
> span, depending on.

Correction: I know about a single issue show-stopper, that is even a problem in
IE8: When <object> is used inside a <p>, and there is a <p> or (almost) any
other block element inside the <object>, then the <object> doesn't work as a
wrapper inside IE - since then the entire content of the <object> becomes
invisible (unless we use conditional comments or javascript to help it).

However, <figure> will not suffer from this problem, as <figure> is not
permitted inline, e.g. inside <p>. 

If however my idea to change <figure> to <cap> was followed, then then one may
run into this problem, of course. Just support my idea that we need to be able
to  apply captions to inline elments, and then we can discuss _that_ problem.

But even in that case, the simple issues of adding a caption to an inline <img>
or even to an inline <table> (wrapped in an <object> - a DIV can't do that!),
there is no problem. (<table> inside <object> inside <p> doesn't suffer from
the parsing issues.)

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