[Bug 8552] Remove the Progress Element


--- Comment #2 from Shelley Powers <shelleyp@burningbird.net>  2009-12-26 16:15:44 ---
Typo fix, should be:

"Lastly, the description for progress is overly complicated--mixing HTML syntax
and user agent parsing directions, as well as proving an inordinate number of
somewhat confusing rules and regulations for the progress element's conforming
use. This is going to make it more likely, rather than less, that the progress
element will be used by web page authors and designers_incorrectly_."

Metadata techniques are a way of tying together task and task progress. There
is no association between task and progress element in the description of
progress. One is left to assume that the progress is associated with some
action or another, but nothing to give a precise pairing in the markup. 

As the progress element is currently defined, it can be treated as a static
element, as well as a dynamically altered element. In particular, the example
given about space usage could be a static value, displayed when the page is
first loaded. 

If a static element, then, it's only useful if you can pair the progress value
with whatever task is associated. 

In addition, there's nothing about accessibility associated with the
description of the progress bar. In fact, there's an implicit assumption of a
visual association between progress and task that actually makes it vaguely

Currently now, if we use images of some form to indicate specific progress, we
can use alt text and other techniques (such as RDF or RDFa in SVG) to provide a
textual description of the progress. 

In addition, there's nothing about the element description that indicates it
provides a platform specific visual element. And since we're talking the web,
I'm not sure a progress meter visually needs to reflect the OS. I would think
that web page designers would prefer a platform agnostic visual effect.

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