[Bug 8552] Remove the Progress Element


--- Comment #9 from Shelley Powers <shelleyp@burningbird.net>  2009-12-27 14:55:57 ---

> > We disagree. Luckily there's a procedure in place to handle disagreement. 
> Fair enough. It just seemed like your original suggestion was based on some
> incorrect assumptions about the spec. I just wanted to set the record straight
> on those, to make sure we have the correct information on the record. If none
> of this changes your mind, so be it.

We have to disagree that my suggestion is based on incorrect assumptions. In a
way, that's what disagreement is: the belief that the person you disagree with
is basing their opinion on incorrect assumptions. 

As for "record" that would be something that comes from the change proposal, if
the bug is marked as WONTFIX. 

But people have reacted with irritation at multiple comments going back and
forth in the bugs (and in the email lists, at least when I and some others in
the HTML WG participate, or comment). I wouldn't want to cause anyone

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