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--- Comment #21 from Don Brutzman <brutzman@nps.edu>  2009-12-25 20:46:59 ---
Here is a new table listing all X3D v3.2 elements and attributes,
first column XML case and second column lowercase.  This is needed
as part of our in-progress response to the HTML5 working group on how
to support X3D in the draft HTML5 Recommendation.

Double-checks of this table of values are welcome.  It should show
unambiguous 2-way mappings (meaning no name collisions between elements
or attributes that differ only by case).

The table is created by an XSLT stylesheet that uses the official X3D
v3.2 schema as input.  Everything has been checked into Sourceforge.

Autogenerated table:


Invoking build to run this stylesheet (task html5.buildElementsAttributesTable)

Incidentally I was able to create, build, test and checkin everything
solely using X3D-Edit.  8)

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