[Bug 8404] Refocus the figure element back to being a figure


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> (In reply to comment #38)
> > Here is another example of a table as a figure, this time with real data, not
> > fake data meant for illustrative purposes:
> > http://books.google.com/books?id=QbdMOM89qv0C&lpg=PA555&dq=%22table%20in%20figure%22&lr=&pg=PA556#v=onepage&q=%22table%20in%20figure%22&f=false
> > 
> > I can produce literally tens of examples of these without trying.  This is
> > *precisely* the usage as currently defined in the spec.
> And where do you place the footnotes of that table, so that it fits with what
> is currently defined in the spec?

  <p caption>Figure 1: an illustrative table with content you can copy because
the HTML5 spec [1] is so nice as to allow it inside &lt;figure></p>
  <a class="reference" href="http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/">[1]</a><br>
  <small>&copy; Santa Clause. No rights reserved.</small>

Yes, I also disagree with the use of dd/dt. I'm not sure we should allow
footnotes and other non-content, non-caption markup inside <figure>, but it's
not terribly difficult to do if we want it. Perhaps we should mandate that it
be marked up with <small>/<aside>/whatever to make it unambiguous which part is
the main content.

The concrete proposal in this bug (to either scrap <figure> or limit it to some
specific elements) makes little sense, so close this and open new bugs (or
write mail) for other concrete proposals.

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