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[Bug 20860] WebDriver Level 1

[Bug 21184] Need clarification of scroll behavior in WebElement click() method

[Bug 25058] Section 10.4 doesn't handle Unicode spaces

[Bug 26092] findElement doesn't tell that it should find element only inside current element

[Bug 27655] ato to add intermediate nodes as an example use case

[Bug 28195] It is not specified what error should be raised by findElement(s) operation if an invalid XPath/CSS query passed in

[Bug 28781] Section 9.1.2 findElement() should include the sessionID and response code in the response object

[Bug 29363] Add Page Source end point to WebDriver

[Bug 29520] The 'Get' command is really confusingly named

[Bug 29535] [Typo] extra "the" in paragraph

[Bug 29538] Adding common browsing errors

[Bug 29560] New: WebDriver: Inconsistent use of top-level vs current browsing context in GET /.../cookie

[Bug 29560] WebDriver: Inconsistent use of top-level vs current browsing context in GET /.../cookie

[Bug 29585] New: Specific error code doesn't exist for blocked element not being clickable

[Bug 29629] New: Set Window Size doesn't check argument type

[Bug 29654] New: "relevant Element Location Strategy" is undefined.

[Bug 29687] New: scrollIntoView section doesnt take into account overflow: scroll

[Bug 29691] New: [WebDriver Spec]: Specify error behaviour when the current browsing context does not exist

Actions questions

Browser Testing and Tools Working Group Revised Charter Approved: join the Browser Testing and Tools Working Group (Call for Participation)

Events on pointer movement

Go command and invalid URLs

July F2F for WebDriver

Key actions and modifiers

New Session parameters

old-tests and WebDriver

Set Window Size

W3c Webdriver vs Json Wire Protocol

WebDriver WG F2F - 13/14 July

Window object serialisation

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