Re: New Session parameters

I do think that it makes sense to at worst we should have the 3 that you
have outlined and possibly a 4th for preferences (about:config or


On 27 May 2016 at 13:54, James Graham <> wrote:

> Irrespective of the discussion about desired and required capabilities, I
> would like to standardise a subset capabilities/parameters that can be
> provided to browsers corresponding to the items likely to be used by more
> than one browser. In particular, I am thinking:
> args - command line arguments
> binary - browser binary
> profile - a base64 encoded profile to use?
> [others?]
> Obviously there would still be browser-specific settings, but
> standardising common ones is useful because it allows new browsers to work
> with existing webdriver clients without having to write substantive
> browser-specific code in the client.

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