Re: Set Window Size

Clay Martin <> writes:

> Sam Uong <> writes:
>> Does this look at the content of the page, or does it wait for
>> (something like) window.outerHeight/Width to change?
> We currently just set the frame to resize and the rest propagates but
> we plan to change that to verify content also resizes as we've seen
> issues related to screenshot because of it (user resizes, takes a
> screenshot and the height/width is incorrect because the resize hasn't
> finished, adding a sleep fixed it for the user).

I feel the specification in its current form implies
that the command should be performed synchronously in,
although it uses a rather hand-wavy language to achieve it.

Previously we had a paragraph near the top of the document stating that
WebDriver provided a (mostly) blocking and synchronous API. Do you feel
it is worth pointing this out as something applying to the spec as a

Related to Set Window Size directly, do we feel it is necessary to add a
provision to wait for the window to change its size before returning?

Received on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 12:06:32 UTC