Re: Actions questions

On 27/04/16 12:15, Andreas Tolfsen wrote:
> Wed, 27 Apr 2016 11:51:13 +0100 James Graham <>:
>> On 27/04/16 11:43, Andreas Tolfsen wrote:
>>> Whilst it is possible to fake holding down a key by factoring in the
>>> frame rate and the OS key repeat rate to generate x DOM events over
>>> the course of y seconds, this quickly gets us into the realm of
>>> reproducing realistic time frames.
>> Based on it seems like holding
>> down a key generates a number of keydown+keypress events, but a
>> single keyup event. So it seems quite reasonable to model this with
>> multiple actions as long the spec doesn't have anything special to
>> coalesce multiple keyDown actions without an intervening keyUp action.
> Because we generate synthetic DOM events for actions, we would need an
> off-thread state system sufficiently capable to perform this.

I think we are talking past each other here. I mean that if you want to 
simulate holding down a key you could send actions like

[{keyDown, "a"}, {keyDown, "a"}, {keyDown, "a"}, {keyUp, "a"}]

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