Re: old-tests and WebDriver

Hi John!

On Fri, 6 May 2016, at 15:38, John Jansen wrote:
> I was just looking at the webdriver test suite on the W3C[1] and realized
> it was moved to a new repo called "old-tests"[2].
> I think that's a good idea because then we can move only the tests that
> matter for the spec back into the webdriver repo.

Yes, exactly. There are definitely valuable tests in there that we
should port over. I don’t imagine porting the tests themselves is very
hard work, but we need to ensure they are testing the algorithms exactly
as they are laid out in the specification.

Obviously the specification has improved since some of these tests were
written, so we will need to re-check that they are testing the correct
things during review.

> However, I'm not sure
> about the best way to proceed. I could not find any instructions for how
> the new integration with wptrunner works. Are there instructions
> somewhere I can follow? I want to help get the tests moved over before
> the F2F if possible.

I wrote a little bit about this change in

Integrating our tests with wptrunner lets browser vendors more easily
run the tests in their respective CIs. For each combination of test type
and browser, there needs to be an “executor” that knows how to execute a
particular type of test for a given browser.

I have so far added support for Firefox and Alan Jeffrey of Mozilla
Research has submitted a patch that is currently in review to add
support for Servo in What we
need to do is add a wdspec test executor also for IE and Chrome.

Running the tests is no different to running other WPT tests. To limit
the selected tests to just wdspec tests, that is the tests living inside
/webdriver/**/*.py, you can pass the `--test-type wdspec` flag.

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