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[agenda] CT Call Tuesday 14 October 2008

[agenda] CT Call Tuesday 4 November 2008

[agenda] CT Call Tuesday 7 October 2008

[minutes] CT Call Tuesday 14 October 2008

[minutes] CT Call Tuesday 7 October 2008

[W3C] Best practices / charsets

[W3C] Best practices / charsets / fuzzy

[W3C] Best practices / charsets / fuzzy 2

[W3C] Best practices / specifications

[W3C] Best practices / specifications 2

Addressing last call comments

Browsing the Web with a non-existing User-Agent

Drafting responses for the Last Call comments resolved "no"

FYI, agenda sent to public-bpwg

LC-1995, LC-2037: Missing resolutions

LC-1998: application/xhtml+xml MIME type

LC-1999: 10KB heuristic

LC-2000: Navigation Bars

LC-2002: iphone URL heuristics

LC-2013: HTTP-Equiv directives


LC-2022: i-mode heuristic

LC-2048: URI pattern heuristics

LC-2052: Content types and DOCTYPEs

LC-2078: claim of conformance in a Via HTTP header

No call on Tuesday 28 October 2008

Signalling to proxies

Some thoughts on HTTPS transcoding

W3C Content Transformation Proxies guidelines and security

Web browsers, HTTP and transcoding

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