LC-1999: 10KB heuristic


-	There should be restrictions over how short a page transcoders
are allowed to reformat. In no case should a page smaller than 10kb be
reformatted (ideally this threshold should be higher, but 10kb will make
it consistent with BT, so it would be a step in the right direction)

Proposed Response:

This requirement might catch a lot of pages that are not mobile pages.
(It appears the assumption is that any page less than 10KB is a page
designed for mobile.)  For example, many of the regular, non-mobile
pages on are less than 10KB.  I am assuming we are talking
about just the main (X)HTML page here since otherwise the CT proxy would
need to request the main page plus all its assets before it can tell
that it can or cannot reformat.  In addition, it wouldn't surprise me if
there are quite a few "long tail" pages that are less than 10KB and are
not designed for mobile.


Received on Sunday, 19 October 2008 21:01:15 UTC