Addressing last call comments

Pontus, Rob,

I apologize I was not really clear about how we should proceed with 
I saw that you both updated the tracker with comments on last call 
comments that were received.


I think we should rather use the tracker as a side tool to link to the 
discussions we have on the mailing-list and the final resolutions we 
take during the calls. Two reasons for that:
  1/ the tracker is not accessible by the public at large, and we're 
supposed to work in public. Not big deal here, the rest of the 
discussions and the resolutions will be public.
  2/ I guess everyone actively follows public-bpwg-ct, but that no one 
monitors the tracker (I confess I discovered your notes today while 
updating comments we resolved this week).

To be clear:
  - you may update the tracker, no problem with that
  - make sure that you send your comments to the mailing-list so that 
people can react!

I'll add the comments you addressed to next week's agenda. AFAICT, they 
are (in the order of the sections to which they apply):

... and so: message to others, there's some stuff to read here!


Received on Friday, 3 October 2008 15:46:52 UTC