Browsing the Web with a non-existing User-Agent

I've been masquerading my User-Agent header lately to browse the Web, 
using a non-existing User-Agent with no link whatsoever to any existing one.

I was expecting to see things break one way or the other, but the thing 
is I had no real problem so far.
I see a few sites that return an "application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml" 
content-type that is not recognized by my browser, but this typically is 
an indication that they have a mobile-optimized version, so not what I 
would consider to be a big problem.

So I'm wondering. Can anyone point out a few web sites that returns a 
rejected response when queried with a "weird" User-Agent? (either 
through a 406 status, or through a 200 status code with a "sorry" 
message) I suppose I'm only browsing modern Web sites, not "legacy" ones.


Received on Wednesday, 1 October 2008 14:53:49 UTC