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Comments on 2nd WD (part 3) Glen Mazza (Friday, 31 December)

Comments on 2nd WD (part 2) Glen Mazza (Wednesday, 22 December)

Comments on 2nd WD of XSL specification (Chapter 1) Glen Mazza (Wednesday, 22 December)

[XSLT2.0] xsl:analyze-string@regex syntax too limited Gunther Schadow (Wednesday, 15 December)

Updated Disposition of Comments for XSL 1.0 Paul Grosso (Tuesday, 14 December)

7.14.4 content-height, 7.14.5 content-width Peter B. West (Saturday, 27 November)

1.1 WD: Possible inconsistency between keywords and EnumerationTokens Glen Mazza (Tuesday, 23 November)

Typo in the XSL-1.0 spec Stephen Deach (Tuesday, 16 November)

Fwd: RE: Possible Erratum regarding <padding-width> Stephen Deach (Friday, 12 November)

How to apply bold attribute to a string? Haldankar, Anand (Wednesday, 10 November)