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The W3C XSL Working Group has not developed a DTD or
any other schema for XSL-FO.  As the spec explains,
there are semantics of XSL-FO that cannot be specified
in a DTD.  More importantly, since any XSL property can
be on any FO and most property values can be fairly 
arbitrary strings in the XSL expression language, there
is no practical way for write a schema for XSL-FO that
does anything useful with the properties.  For these
and other reasons, the XSL FO SG has resisted developing
a schema for XSL-FO.

However, I know there are unofficial XSL-FO DTDs available,
so you might have better luck posting your question on other 
XSL lists where someone may have developed an XML Schema
for XSL-FO.


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> I'm looking for an XML Schema document for XSL-FO that I can 
> use with Xeena to
> create formatted documents.  Would you know where I can find 
> one?  Does the W3c
> maintain a standard XML Schema or DTD for this?  The best 
> I've come up with
> during a websearch was a DTD that has a few errors in it.
> Mark McKay

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