Re: 1.1 WD comments on fo:instream-foreign-object content model


Thanks for your comment on XSL 1.1 recorded at
about fo:instream-foreign-object.

We are leaving the editorial comments up to our editor.

As far as exactly which namespaced properties get passed into the
foreign object, the SG has discussed this issue many times before.  
It turns out to be more complicated that at first appears.

We have decided that properties get used by the foreign object as 
they see fit, but we're not saying in the XSL FO spec how properties 
get inherited from one namespace into another.  

This issue is outside the scope of the XSL WG; other WGs and CGs
in the W3C are discussing this issue.

Therefore the XSL FO SG has decided that we will not make any
changes to XSL 1.1 in response to this issue.

Paul Grosso
for the XSL FO SG

Received on Friday, 15 October 2004 20:41:51 UTC