RE: 1.1 WD Comments on region-name and flow-name properties


Thanks as always for your comments.

We are leaving strictly editorial comments up to our editor.

Some responses on other issues embedded. 

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> Subject: 1.1 WD Comments on region-name and flow-name properties
> Editors:
> A few comments on the region-name and flow-name properties in 
> the 1.1 WD:
> 1.)  In Section 7.25.17, "region-name" property [1]:
> A search on the 1.1 WD is showing that 
> "xsl-before-float-separator" and 
> "xsl-footnote-separator" are defined only for the flow-name property, 
> not the region-name as listed here.  Recommend to remove these two 
> values and their definitions from region-name, and place them in the 
> flow-name property description instead.

Yes, these values are only flow names, not region-names.
We will fix that.

> 2.)  (minor edit) In Section 7.25.17, "region-name" property:
> For the definitions of the xsl-region-xxxx values, switch 
> from "...for 
> use as default name..." to "...for use as the default name...".
> 3.)  In Section 7.25.5, "flow-name" property [2]:
> a) For the sentence: "If the name is empty or if a name-conflict is 
> encountered, an error shall be reported."
> It may be good to also define here (if it hasn't been defined 
> explicitly 
> elsewhere--I didn't see it) what happens if no region on the 
> simple page 
> master has the flow-name specified.
> I think, in this case, that would *not* be an error, but that 
> the flow's 
> content would just not be generated.  I believe this is the 
> case because 
> the region-name definition states that we can define 
> different names for 
> the same region on the odd and even pages of 
> fo-repeatable-page-master-alternatives (e.g., to have 
> different static 
> headers depending on whether we're on an odd or even page.)

You are correct that this is not an error.

The SG hesitates to make a wording change here because
we cannot list everything that is an error.  In general
in the spec, if it isn't disallowed, it's allowed.

> b) The sentence "Defines the name of the flow" seems too 
> vague, perhaps 
> it should be switched to something like "Designates the 
> region that this 
> flow's content should be assigned to."
> 4.)  In Section, "Flows and Flow Mapping" [3], make sure to 
> update the paragraph below because we now do have an fo:flow-map 
> formatting object in 1.1:
> "In version 1.0 of this Recommendation, the flow-map is 
> implicit. [...]  
> In future versions of XSL, the flow-map is expected to become an 
> explicit formatting object."

Yes, we will update that.

Paul Grosso
for the W3C XSL FO SG

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