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[EXTERNAL] - Getting rid of @sequence="true/false"?

[EXTERNAL] - Re: Thinking about injection

Do we want to bring p:data back?

Don’t forget to bring your knit sweaters and raincoats to Aachen this Thursday…

Fwd: Aachen Workshop Minutes [via XProc Next Community Group]

Fwd: XProc Workshop in Prague [via XProc Next Community Group]

Getting rid of @sequence="true/false"?

Make port optional when there’s only one possibility?


p:with-input and compound steps

Poll: New (or old) name for p:declare-step

Proposal for a p:run step

Question on MorganaXProc

Remove p:log?

Thinking about injection

What about that document-properties attribute?

What if we were more relaxed about “matching signatures”

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