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Additions to usage scenario

Additions to Usage Scenarios

Closing issue 364: id and ref mutually exclusive

Closing issue 389

Closing issue 390

Closing SOAP Issue LC issue#248

Closing XML Protocol editorial LC issue 357

Closing XML Protocol Last Call issue 384: Are gateways SOAP intermediaries?

Closing XML Protocol LC issue 356: SOAP Body child Element namespace qualified

Closing XMLP Issue 305: "SOAP Response MEP doesn't need sending+receiving"

Issue 235

Issue 237 is closed.

Issue 302 closed

Issue 309

Issue 326 closed

Issue 383 closed

Issues 185 and 297 (on generics in the Data Model) closed

LC Issue 299: resolution

LC Issue 358: resolution : closed with no action

LC Issue 363 : resolution : closed with no action

LC Issue 370: resolution : closed with text change

Proposal for issue 319: Clarification that HTTP does define a base URI

QA WG feedback on the SOAP 1.2 Attachment feature

Resolution of Issue 231

Resolution of Issue 359

Resolution of XMLP Issue 294

Resolution to XML Protocols Last Call Issue 353

SOAP 1.2 Attachment Feature review by the Web Services Architecture Working Group

SOAP 1.2 Specification and confusion around Subcode

XML Protocols Last Call Issue 362

XMLP Issue 371 Resolution

XMLP LC Issue 301 Resolution

XMLP LC Issue 360 Resolution

XMLP LC Issue 365 Resolution

XMLP LC Issue 366 Resolution

XMLP LC Issue 392: closed

XMLP LC Issue 394 Resolution

XMLP WG Issue 240 Resolution

XMLP WG Issue 338 Resolution

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