Re: XMLP WG Issue 240 Resolution

Hi Lorrie.

* Lorrie Cranor <> [2002-10-16 09:40-0400]
> The P3P Specification working group is not satisfied with
> the resolution to issue 240 [2]. We do not believe the XMLP
> group has met the requirement that it be possible "to associate
> a P3P Privacy Policy with an XMLP message." Nonetheless,
> given that the XMLP working group does not believe that
> further work on this issue is within their charter, we would
> be satisfied if the issue would be assigned to another web
> services working group which does have a charter that
> permits it to work on this.
> The P3P Specification working group hereby requests that
> the issue we raised with the XMLP group in [2]
> be considered by the WS CG so that a process can be
> put in place by which this issue can be resolved. It is critical
> that this issue not fall between the cracks simply because
> no group believes it fits within their charter. The P3P
> Specification working group would be happy to assist one
> of the web services groups in resolving this issue. Perhaps
> this issue could be resolved most expediantly by appointing
> a cross-group task force that inclues a couple of members
> from the P3P group and a couple of members from one of the
> web services groups.

To understand the issue a little better, how does your request relate
to the Web services architecture requirement AR020.5[3]:

  The WSA must enable delegation and propagation of privacy policy.

It seems that this requirement covers this, and therefore that the Web
Services Architecture Working Group will tackle the problem, or at
least place some requirements on a Working Group which will craft a
concrete solution to it.

AR020.5 came out of the following scenario, which needs to be
integrated into the Web Services Architecture Usage Scenarios

This scenario doesn't explicitely call out for a P3P policy concretely
traveling along with a message, but I think that it covers the



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Received on Wednesday, 16 October 2002 11:34:29 UTC