XMLP LC Issue 365 Resolution


You also asked that generics be kept in the SOAP specification.

The XMLP WG earlier decided to close Issue 297 by removing 
generics. The entire rationale for removing generics is available 
at [1], but an abreviated version is given here for ease of access.

Essentially, the XMLP WG is of the opinion that generics are 
unnecessary in the Data Model. The issue was discussed among the 
implementors and among the xml-dist-app community without 
reaching any obvious consensus. In addition, feedback was asked 
by an ednote in Part 2, Section 2.3. The prevalent feedback was 
that generics be removed. Finally, XMLP WG implementors have 
confirmed they would welcome removing generics (with the 
exception of WebMethods, which prefered to keep generics but did 
not oppose the decision).

Please let us know asap if you disagree.



Received on Friday, 11 October 2002 04:30:02 UTC