Re: XMLP WG Issue 240 Resolution


we were talking more about a longer relationsship in the framework of a
webservice. That's were AR 020 came from. But I might also want to be
able to include the privacy-semantics in one single message using XMLP.
So the AR 020 is a sub-quantity of the more general approach in XMLP. 

We have to discuss, whether it is useful or desirable to have the entire
amount of solutions or whether the semantics developed as a consequence
of AR 020 will be sufficient and what their relationsships to XMLP are
or will be.

For the moment, this is unclear

BTW: Ignoring privacy in this context is killing e-commerce as the polls
show since 5 years or more.

Rigo Wenning            W3C/INRIA
Policy Analyst          Privacy Activity Lead        2004, Routes des Lucioles      F-06902 Sophia Antipolis

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 05:33:44PM +0200, Hugo Haas wrote:
> This scenario doesn't explicitely call out for a P3P policy concretely
> traveling along with a message, but I think that it covers the
> situations.

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