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[MTOM issue] OptimizationCandidates should be OptimizedElements

Action item: MTOM relationship to the current HTTP binding

Are RPC/Encoded Web Services vanishing?

ARTF telcon summary

ARTF telcon summary (additional item)

charset="utf-8" .vs. charset=utf-8 in MIME headers

Comments on 1st July draft of SMTOM

MTOM addition: Providing media types to data in XML

MTOM issue: does the HTTP update need to be a feature?

MTOM Issue: Merge 'Abstract' and 'HTTP' feature URIs?

MTOM Issues 431 and 432

MTOM Section 3.2 Preamble

new requirements for attachments

New SOAP Editorial Issue

Optimisations other than Base64

Optimization Mechanism description (was PASWA Feature Description)

Options for flagging MTOM processing


ordering [was: regarding the resolution of issue 431]

Proposed action item on base URI

proposed preamble text for the requirements doc

Proposed resolutions for issues 432 and 435 (long)

Proposed text for Base64-specific optimization

Recall: Regrets for 7/30 telecon

regarding the resolution of issue 431

regex for media types

Regrets for 7/30 telecon

renaming MTOM

Requirements document for attachments

Requirements for attachments transport optimisation

Requirements for attachments^H^H^H transport optimisation

SOAP Java Code

Thinking about media types in XML

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