proposed preamble text for the requirements doc

Here's my proposed preamble text for the requirements doc.
(TBD -- where/how the text would actually be stitched into the
current requirements draft.)

Mark Jones



The requirements set below were shaped by the context of several
influential developments.  The non-standard, but widely adopted, "SOAP
Messages with Attachments" (SwA) specification [1] provided a MIME
multipart/related packaging scheme that related accompanying
"entities" (including binary data) to a SOAP 1.1 message via
referencing rules.  The SwA approach did not, however, naturally
integrate attachments into the SOAP processing model and the XML
Infoset representation of a SOAP message.  The PASWA document [2], a
"Proposed Infoset Addendum to SOAP Messages with Attachments", offered
a more unified approach by suggesting that the accompanying entities
be logically considered a part of the SOAP message XML Infoset, while
retaining the flexibility for implementations to optimize their
behavior.  The requirements listed below are an attempt to capture
both the characteristics of the PASWA model and the constraints
embodied in the various use cases that motivate the inclusion of
entities in SOAP messages.

[1] W3C Note "SOAP Messages with Attachments",
John J. Barton, Satish Thatte, and Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, 11 December 2000,

[2] "Proposed Infoset Addendum to SOAP Messages with Attachments",
Adam Bosworth, Don Box, Martin Gudgin, Mark Jones, Franz-Josef Fritz,
Amy Lewis, Jean-Jacques Moreau, Mark Nottingham, David Orchard,
Hervé Ruellan, Jeffrey Schlimmer, Volker Wiechers,
Version 0.61 Draft, 1 April 2003,

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