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Jumbotext - A New Feature to WWW Daniel Alexandre (Wednesday, 28 June)

RE: CRLF on POST requests, where/how specified (repost from prior bad subject line) Joris Dobbelsteen (Thursday, 22 June)

Content-Length in multipart/mixed Jan Svensson (QDT) (Wednesday, 21 June)

cache cleanup in Microsoft Internet Explorer David C. Peterson (Monday, 19 June)

cgi authorization Whyard, Matthew (Friday, 16 June)

Unicode to LaTeX Translator Illuminaries (Thursday, 15 June)

asynchronous audio conferencing at www.wimba.com James Salsman (Monday, 22 May)

FP Server Ext. & ORielly Server William R Green (Saturday, 20 May)

Multiple Protocols Joris Dobbelsteen (Saturday, 20 May)

Word to XML Converter? Infoman: Achim Huschle (Tuesday, 16 May)

Anyone out there? Fish (Tuesday, 16 May)

305 uses proxy Jeff Sinclair (Monday, 15 May)

CURSOR positioning????? (from mainframer) Randy Abner (Friday, 12 May)

Cache-control extension Joris Dobbelsteen (Saturday, 13 May)

RE: persistent conncetion HOL blocking Joris Dobbelsteen (Saturday, 13 May)

Multiple protocol, using port 80 (HTTP) Joris Dobbelsteen (Friday, 12 May)

XML Tools Tracy Caton (Wednesday, 10 May)

RE: Using Chunked encoding to send control messages to a client Joris Dobbelsteen (Monday, 8 May)

RE: Has Netscape 5 become 6? Joris Dobbelsteen (Monday, 8 May)

device upload update James P. Salsman (Saturday, 6 May)

retrieving cookies which has been set by other domain Xiaolin Jiang (Thursday, 4 May)

Re: Content-Encoding confusion -Reply -Forwarded danielh@ers.usda.gov (Wednesday, 3 May)

Re: Content-Encoding confusion -Reply Daniel Hellerstein (Tuesday, 2 May)

Content-Encoding confusion Hugo Haas (Wednesday, 26 April)

Re: Cache-Control Interpetation Koen Holtman (Monday, 1 May)

RE: Frames Jay Chalfant (Monday, 1 May)

Re: Geographic Tags in HTML Johan Hjelm (Monday, 1 May)

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