Effectiveness of Proxy Caching today

I'm currently trying to evaluate the effectiveness of http proxy caches for
the modern web.

Many of the studies I have seen seem to date from a number of years ago
(like 1997). I wonder what effect the significant increase in dynamic sites
(ie noncacheable and using CGI, ASP, Servlets, Application servers etc) has
had on the efficacy of cacheing content.

It seems that the top most popular sites seem to be running dynamically
generated content. Given that web traffic follows a power law relationship
the most popular sites make up the overwelming majority of web hits.

Does it follow that most page accesses are uncacheable? Is this compensated
by static content such as images, MP3's etc

If anyone can give me any information or pointers on this subject I'd
greatly appreciate it.



Received on Friday, 9 June 2000 04:17:45 UTC