Re: Frames

well, this can punish the band-width, since what was being stored
was java and javascript stuff.

However this would be a bit fragile. It would be nice to have
persistent local storage on the browser as part of the standard


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>[Jay Chalfant <>]
>> There is another feature of frames that is even more important from our
>> perspective. A web application may use a frameset that keeps one of the
>> frames loaded throughout the application session. This "constant" frame is
>> the only place to store persistent Java and JavaScript components. These
>> components are then used by other frames in the frameset that change as the
>> user navigates through the application. 
>> The ability to store complex state on the client in a convenient and
>> seamless fashion is a cornerstone of our approach to building web
>> applications. I'd hate to see this go away.
>Instead of playing tricks with the browser, why not use some http-builtin
>state management mechanism, like cookiees and then use a back end for
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