Re: Jumbotext - A New Feature to WWW

Daniel Alexandre <> wrote:
> With jumbotext, in the text of a web page every single 
> word would be outlined and in different colour (similar to usual hypertext) 
> when pointed by its mouse cursor. Then with a simple click one would see a 
> menu to: see the definition of the word, see its translation to different 
> languages, and hear the word spoken in audio.

Sounds like link smog to me  -- and what about phrases and sentences?

Actually, this idea was implemented the right way over 10 years
ago in the (pre-web) NeXTSTEP "Services" architecture.  Basically, the user
could make any (multimedia) selection in any application, go to a standard
system-supplied menu, and have other apps perform their registered
services on that data (in-place if appropriate).

On the web, this could be implemented as a "query URL bookmarks" feature.

Paul Burchard

Received on Friday, 30 June 2000 15:54:51 UTC