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http zhangchicheng (Wednesday, 20 August)

http proxy zhang chicheng (Wednesday, 20 August)

ftp URLs and browser behaviour Steven Heaney (Tuesday, 19 August)

Displaying changes in web pages Richard Stallman (Tuesday, 19 August)

is this list still active? Mikhail (Sunday, 17 August)

Is Your Web Site A Secret? owl@owlsnest.com (Friday, 15 August)

Jeong Kim/CAM/Lotus is out of the office. Jeong_Kim/CAM/Lotus@lotus.com (Tuesday, 12 August)

[www-talk] <none> mark.finucane@marine.ie (Monday, 11 August)

Good Usage Statistics Dr. Swamy K. Sitarama (Monday, 11 August)

Expand Your MLM/Downline Business insight@datadepot.com (Monday, 11 August)

New Free Educational Software Kevin Keil (Friday, 8 August)

SIXTH INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL Malgorzata Stys (Thursday, 7 August)

BISCA-97 Roberto Poli (Thursday, 7 August)


FOIS'98 - Call for Papers Alessandro Artale (Wednesday, 6 August)

search for Holy Grail (HTML) annotation system Rolande Kendal (Monday, 4 August)

Comments and (Fwd) Forum One Report Steven Clift (Thursday, 31 July)

CAUCE - Anti-SPAM coalition jose.kahan@w3.org (Thursday, 31 July)

Re: www-talk-d Digest V97 #2 kevin kelly (Wednesday, 30 July)

Is Your Web Site A Secret? owl@owlsnest.com (Wednesday, 30 July)

How to get MORE RECRUITS for YOUR PROGRAM! livefree@canwetalk.com (Saturday, 26 July)

Meta Content Framework and Geography Steven Clift (Friday, 25 July)

Re: TPC<199707191033.GAA01053@www19.w3.org> to +15104646333 completed ashok (Thursday, 24 July)

browsers & http/1.1 Joni Barnoff (Monday, 21 July)

Frames Matt Knysz (Monday, 21 July)

Apologies [Was: ATTN: UNWANTED MESSAGES] jose.kahan@w3.org (Monday, 21 July)

Application for entry to the mail list. Dongbobu@usa.net (Sunday, 20 July)

I: CGI information Mast department (Saturday, 19 July)

CGI information Mast department (Saturday, 19 July)

Research position in natural language processing at Univ Sussex John Carroll (Friday, 18 July)

Research position in natural language processing at Univ Sussex John Carroll (Friday, 18 July)

HtmlDiff available Fred Douglis (Friday, 18 July)

Research about WWW error 404 Luis Fernando Garcia (Tuesday, 15 July)

No Subject Shane Hefner (Tuesday, 15 July)

Format of RTSP URLs Rob Lanphier (Tuesday, 15 July)

Mirror program... Mercurio Mobily (Monday, 14 July)

Court Jurisdiction and the Internet Michael R. Sees (Monday, 14 July)

CFPs:Euromicro Work.Conf.on Soft.Maint.&Reeng. in Florence csmr98@aguirre.ing.UNIFI.IT (Sunday, 13 July)

Knowledge management discussion list Nick Arnett (Friday, 11 July)

Help: How to implement 'Stop' feature in web browser Peter Ho (Thursday, 10 July)

Electronic Commerce Ravi Kalakota (Thursday, 10 July)

RE: help Marmiga (Thursday, 10 July)

Geographic Metadata About WWW Servers/Pages Steven Clift (Wednesday, 9 July)

Mulicast FTP program architecture - recommendations please Rolande Kendal (Monday, 7 July)

CMC/98 First Announcement Harry Bunt (Monday, 7 July)

CFP: IBERAMIA'98 Joao Balsa da Silva (Friday, 4 July)

Your Free Listing in Government Purchasing Directory freelisting@online-info.com (Friday, 4 July)

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