CAUCE - Anti-SPAM coalition

Today I found out about Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial 
E-Mail (CAUCE).

Sally, is it OK to tell them of our SPAM problems? Their mail 
says they could cite us. I could ask them to not do so, I think.

This is not a technical solution, but at least it shows we don't like

I enclose here below the info I got by autoresponder by sending a hello
message to their site.


Thank you for submitting your comments to the CAUCE web site.  This is an 
automatic response; you should be receiving a more personal response within 
a day or so if appropriate.

We may be contacting you to ask your permission to make the comment public 
in a future press release -- but don't worry, we WILL contact you first.

If you are responding due to forged, unsolicited e-mail which you received,
please note that CAUCE did *NOT* authorize that mailing. It is an attempt 
to defame our organization and to dupe the public into thinking we would 
do that which we're committed to fighting: stealing resources, flooding 
networks, and wasting consumers' time.

Several of our network administrators are working to trace the origins of 
the message and will be notifing appropriate authorities. 

For the record, CAUCE is an ad hoc, all volunteer organization and the 
CAUCE leadership consists of system administrators, internet service 
providers, and consumer activists dedicated to outlawing the fraudulent 
and destructive practice of Unsolicited Commercial Email. 

We **do not** solicit contributions; in fact we will not even accept 
contributions. Federal lobbying regulations would require extensive 
administrative filings if we accepted contributions or used such funds 
for our legislative efforts, therefore we are not interested in ever 
accepting donations or dues.

If you wish to support out efforts, you are welcome to do so, however we 
would never "spam" our message to millions -- it goes against everything 
we stand for. For more information about CAUCE, please see our web site; 
we are a well known and highly respected organization and the news 
reports of our success on Capitol Hill reflect that.

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (CAUCE)

Received on Thursday, 31 July 1997 13:32:19 UTC