Displaying changes in web pages

Displaying changes in web pages, in a way that works well through a
web browser, sounds useful.  It would be good to have a free program
to do this.  HtmlDiff is not free, being limited to noncommercial use.

Is there any chance this could be changed, that HtmlDiff could be made
free software?  Or else, would someone like to write a free program to
do this?

For convenience of installation, it would be best to write in C; if
extending GNU diff is a method that makes sense technically, we would
be happy to add code to that program.

(Free software means users have certain freedoms, including the
freedom to use and distribute the program either for fun or for
business; see http://www.gnu.ai.mit.edu/philosophy/categories.html
for the definition.)

Received on Tuesday, 19 August 1997 01:31:44 UTC