Re: Geographic Metadata About WWW Servers/Pages

On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Steven Clift wrote:

> I am interested in making the Internet more community oriented (in a 
> geographic sense - the virtual communities have relatively fine) so 
> that for example a map could be generated by an Internet search/index 
> site or so someone could indicate that they want to search in X 
> place/area based on Y keywords.  I assume that geographical naming 
> standards are easier to agree upon than keywords and the like 
> (longitude, latitude, Global Positioning Satellites, place names - say 
> how about a virtual version of GPS that would allow a site the 
> _option_ of choosing a GPS point that represents their site - then 
> you could leverage that body of work).

Currently under way in Dublin Core metadata effort

Can't remember all the URLs
offhand. and
surf. Currently discussing thesauri of placenames.

Andrew Daviel

Received on Wednesday, 9 July 1997 22:08:24 UTC