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Meta Content Framework and Geography

From: Steven Clift <clift@freenet.msp.mn.us>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 22:02:40 +0000
Message-Id: <199707260302.DAA26149@freenet.msp.mn.us>
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I noticed that the Internet Society e-newsletter mentioned that 
Netscape submitted a proposal for a "meta content framework"
( http://home.netscape.com/newsref/pr/newsrelease432.html ).

I am interested in finding out what parameters it might have for 
standardized geographic identification of WWW content as an _OPTION_. 
 I am interested in allowing the producer of a page(s)/site to 
identify a geographic source point the identifies the most 
appropriate place, places, or set of points/legal boundaries defining 
a general area.  I am interested in how all types of Internet 
services could have that option for identification.  Can anyone point 
me to a specific section of a document that lists proposals in this 
area?  Also, who in the W3, IETF, IAB, etc. is particularly 
supportive of geographic standards work on the Internet?  It would be 
great to get connected.  

Why?  I am active with community networking, government online, and 
online democracy work.  All three areas have serious geographic bases 
and the everything is global feeling on the Internet is to rigid for 
more local needs and applications.  Can we make it easier for the 
Alta Vista's of the world to allow me to search just the WWW page 
from/geared toward my neighborhood/zipcode/city/metro 
region/state/etc.?  Can we make the Internet by its very nature a 
"communities network" that allows us to easily find a store, 
WWW/e-mail discussion group, church, personal home page, etc. within 
five miles of our homes?  Why have commercial directory 
sites continue to compete based on who has the most stuff indexed, 
let them do it on value-added details, interface design, and other 
less labor repetitive factors.  

Steven Clift
Democracies Online
      Steven L. Clift - clift@freenet.msp.mn.us
      Minneapolis, Minnesota   -   612-824-3747
  http://www.e-democracy.org - Minnesota E-Democracy
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