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On Fri, 25 Jul 1997, Steven Clift wrote:

> Greetings,
> I noticed that the Internet Society e-newsletter mentioned that 
> Netscape submitted a proposal for a "meta content framework"
> ( ).
> I am interested in finding out what parameters it might have for 
> standardized geographic identification of WWW content as an _OPTION_. 
>  I am interested in allowing the producer of a page(s)/site to 
> identify a geographic source point the identifies the most 
> appropriate place, places, or set of points/legal boundaries defining 
> a general area.  I am interested in how all types of Internet 
> services could have that option for identification.  Can anyone point 
> me to a specific section of a document that lists proposals in this 
> area?  Also, who in the W3, IETF, IAB, etc. is particularly 
> supportive of geographic standards work on the Internet?  It would be 
> great to get connected.  

The Dublin Core metadata set contains a "coverage" element, with 
placeName, x.min, x.max, polygon etc. subelements. Syntax is
not finalized; one version of a draft is at

It is my understanding that one may use DC.coverage.x (.y,.z) to define 
a point, DC.coverage.x.min etc. to define a rectangular area,
and DC.coverage.polygon to define an irregular polygonal area.

Other metadata sets exist in the GIS community, e.g. FGDC, which define
similar elements.

The Maple Square project at Sympatico in Canada has defined a 
NAME="Location" META tag with content "Country, Province, City", I believe
for use with their URL acceptance robot.

There are a few links to other sites at the end of the coverage draft.

MCF defines a coding format. DC elements can be used within MCF coding
as well as within HTML META tags and other coding/transport mechanisms.

Andrew Daviel
TRIUMF & Vancouver Webpages

Received on Friday, 1 August 1997 04:04:55 UTC