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associating video and audio transcripts… chaals@yandex-team.ru (Thursday, 30 April)

FYI: First Public Working Draft of Web Payments Use Cases Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 29 April)

Question: secure third-party attestations about web sites ? Mark Watson (Wednesday, 29 April)

Fwd: Unicode offset calculations Frederick Hirsch (Wednesday, 29 April)

Fwd: WG Action: Formed Domain Boundaries (dbound) Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 28 April)

Proposal: Uniting the Web and "App" worlds Anders Rundgren (Tuesday, 28 April)

HbbTV and Web origins Mark Nottingham (Monday, 27 April)

Spec review request: CSV on the Web Jeni Tennison (Saturday, 18 April)

Re: [EME] HTTPS performance experiments for large scale content distribution Mark Watson (Wednesday, 15 April)

Keyboard interaction and W3C specs... chaals@yandex-team.ru (Tuesday, 14 April)

Web TCP/UDP Socket API and proposal for permission-granting API patterns to use across specs Michael[tm] Smith (Tuesday, 14 April)

FYI: TAG review now part of Blink Intent-to-Ship guidelines Alex Russell (Monday, 13 April)

Fwd: Call for Votes: TAG Special Election Daniel Appelquist (Monday, 13 April)

Security of IoT: fresh news Sergey Konstantinov (Friday, 10 April)

discussion about uri scheme, fragments, etc... Yves Lafon (Friday, 10 April)

The Physical Web Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 7 April)

Permission API Review: Fwd: [blink-dev] Intent to Ship: Permissions API Alex Russell (Monday, 6 April)

RE: Requiring Authenticated Origins for Geolocation API's: Status Mandyam, Giridhar (Saturday, 4 April)

Minutes from Today's Call Daniel Appelquist (Thursday, 2 April)

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