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associating video and audio transcripts…

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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 18:08:27 +0200
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Bcc: HTML accessibility Task Force.

the HTML Task Force is working on the problem of how to associate a transcript for a video (in particular, although in principle it can apply to audio) with a given video.

There are a handful of use cases, including providing multilingual transcripts, providing a transcript that has timing information and is used as a navigation device with the video then being moved to match the relevant point in the transcript, having a transcript *without* timing information, having a transcript in some horrid proprietary format, and having a transcript in a nice standards-based format in the same page as the video element to which it applies.

More information is at http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Full_Transcript ... including ideas that we don't think will work out, as well as a proposed design, which is roughly

* Have an element as a child of the video element able to unambiguously point to a transcript.
* Allow it to be repeated, e.g. for transcripts in different languages

Optionally, also create a transcript element as a container for transcripts. The main rationale for this is to assist players which want to identify a transcript provided as part of a page, and load them into an interactive region - avoiding the problem of marking a heading and not knowing where the transcript actually ends.

We're not very fussy about what element is chosen to link to a transcript, we just want a workable agreement. But we do want the TAG's opinion on whether there is something architecturally wrong with our "preferred approach" that another approach would handle better.

We would appreciate eventual feedback to public-html-a11y@ and in the meantime if we can help by participating in discussions within the TAG please let us know.


Chaals (co-coordinator of the TF)

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