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#URIs & redirections: why syntax changes are needed for http-range-14 resolution

'parallel properties' reference?

... possibly pertinent to TAG work on Publishing and Linking?

[Fwd: Microdata as W3C Note vs. W3C Rec.]

ACTION-650: Review what provenance WG is doing with an eye to application to privacy issues

ACTION-746: Raise a bug on registerContentHandler and registerProtocolHandler to ask for specification of how fragids are handled

ACTION-753 Technical topics of concern (for W3C management from TAG)

Agenda for TAG Teleconference of 8 November 2012

Draft minutes from 2012-11-08

Formal TAG call canceled this week - informal discussion instead

HTML/XML TF Report glosses over Polyglot Markup (Was: Statement why the Polyglot doc should be informative)

James Clark on (micro) XML Error Recovery

Minutes for F2F 10/08

More stories of DNS vulnerability

radar check: Some governments are proposing to extend ITU authority to Internet governance..

Rescinding the request to the HTML WG to develop a polyglot guide

Should specifications take sides in the httpRange-14 debate?

Should we have a TAG call this week?

TAG candidate proposals and questions to this list?

TAG Teleconference agenda for 29 November 2012

Typo in section 5.1 Orthogonal Specifications

UK Apple/Samsung possibly pertinent to TAG work on Publishing and Linking?

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