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Simulating Text-Flow Adam Van Den Hoven (Friday, 22 December)

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] K.1 Normative references] Chris Lilley (Friday, 22 December)

Clarifications and examples needed for Section 7.10 : [Re: Are ce ntimeters 2nd Class and Pixel based width] Arnold, Curt (Tuesday, 19 December)

xforms-svg manjunath devadi (Monday, 18 December)

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] newbie question] Chris Lilley (Friday, 15 December)

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] Re: Patterns and Clipping] Chris Lilley (Friday, 15 December)

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] xforms - svg] Chris Lilley (Friday, 15 December)

Variant of NIST DOM test suite with support for Adobe SVG Viewer and Xerces-COM Curt Arnold (Thursday, 14 December)

Are centimeters second class units? Elliotte Rusty Harold (Monday, 11 December)

CSIRO SVG Toolkit - new release Bella.Robinson@CMIS.CSIRO.AU (Monday, 11 December)

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] SVGViewElement::viewTarget] Chris Lilley (Sunday, 10 December)

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] SVG in Cross-Platform Applications] Chris Lilley (Sunday, 10 December)

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] Re: application area for SVG] Chris Lilley (Sunday, 10 December)

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] alpha transparency] Chris Lilley (Sunday, 10 December)

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] incorrect type in DTD for feMorphology radius] Chris Lilley (Sunday, 10 December)

MIME types Blaine Brodie (Friday, 8 December)

SVGViewElement::viewTarget type Blaine Brodie (Friday, 8 December)

alpha transparency Stephane Conversy (Tuesday, 5 December)

<stop> offset type Stephane Conversy (Tuesday, 5 December)

Batik URL correction Vincent Hardy (Monday, 4 December)

RE: SVG, XSLT and Namespaces Kane, David (Monday, 4 December)

Apache Batik: a Java 2D based SVG Toolkit Vincent Hardy (Monday, 4 December)

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