Re: alpha transparency

The fill on an object is rendered first, factoring in 'fill-opacity'. Then 
the stroke is rendered, factoring in 'stroke-opacity'. (Note that the fill 
intersects half of the stroke since the stroke is centered on the outline 
of the object. Thus, if 'stroke-opacity' is .5, then some of the fill will 
be visible through the stroke.)

If 'opacity' is not 1, then the effect is as if object's fill and stroke 
are rendered into an offscreen buffer and then composited against the 
background using the opacity value to indicate how much of the object gets 
rendered versus how much of the background shines through.

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor

At 10:00 AM 12/5/00 +0100, Stephane Conversy wrote:
>What happens when 'opacity', 'fill-opacity' and 'stroke-opacity'
>are all set for a particular simple shape ?
>are they composed ?
>     stef
>stephane conversy
>ecole des mines de nantes

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