the time load-rendering order

Is it possible to include an object's load importance attribute in HTML a

<object data="pres.png" type="image/png" loadimportance="1"/>

so objects could be loaded preferently in a simple numeric algorithm...
(same number same probabilities, default behavior, bigger attr values
preferently loaded

... or is this a more related css problem?

* {rendering-policy:strict}
img[id="first"] {rendering-importance: important; rendering-order: 1}
img {rendering-importance: normal; rendering-order: 2}
object[type="audio/midi"] {rendering-importance: low; rendering-order: 99}

this allows more *interesting* control

I think it's a merely estructural problem to pretend to
give emphasis, be this spatial (em, f.e.) or temporal (like in this case),
so it's an more html fact, but from a practical use pow, it seems to fit
better in css.

I should thank feedbacking on this topic.

Received on Sunday, 18 February 2001 13:25:15 UTC