Re: the time load-rendering order

>From what i know (please do share your lights anyone)
you cannot control rendering order. It seems that
rendering is kind of random and depends from a variety
of factors, while the purpose of this "algorithm" is
to render the whole as soon as possible.
The ability of controling importance sounds very
usefull but the situation behind it is too complicated
so i don't think we are going to see something like
this anytime soon.
All these are just my thoughts of cource, based on my
rather small knowledge base on the subject.

--- Ignacio Javier <> wrote:
> Is it possible to include an object's load
> importance attribute in HTML a
> la:
> <object data="pres.png" type="image/png"
> loadimportance="1"/>
> so objects could be loaded preferently in a simple
> numeric algorithm...
> (same number same probabilities, default behavior,
> bigger attr values
> preferently loaded
> later)
> ... or is this a more related css problem?
> * {rendering-policy:strict}
> img[id="first"] {rendering-importance: important;
> rendering-order: 1}
> img {rendering-importance: normal; rendering-order:
> 2}
> object[type="audio/midi"] {rendering-importance:
> low; rendering-order: 99}
> this allows more *interesting* control
> I think it's a merely estructural problem to pretend
> to
> give emphasis, be this spatial (em, f.e.) or
> temporal (like in this case),
> so it's an more html fact, but from a practical use
> pow, it seems to fit
> better in css.
> I should thank feedbacking on this topic.

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Received on Monday, 19 February 2001 10:26:44 UTC