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[Reminder] Last Call Working Draft of the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 3.0)

[SMIL 3.0 LC] Accept-Language, systemLanguage, and the 'switch' Element

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment 10: matching example for systemLanguage

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment 2: Define what text wrapping option means

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment 3: Define direction of start and end textAlign based on text direction

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment 4: default colors (non-i18n)

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment 5: allow for specific font names to be defined by textFontFamily

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment 6: textMode append does not automatically append spaces

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment 7: vertical text support

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment 8: systemLanguage definition

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment 9: Define matching algorithm using RFC 4647, case handling in matching

[SMIL3.0] i18n comment : Define xml:lang in smilText element

[SMIL3.0] Use IRIs instead of URIs

[SMIL30 LC comment]

[SMIL30 LC comment] 10. SMIL 3.0 Structure

[SMIL30 LC comment] 11.4.3

[SMIL30 LC comment] 11.4.4 to 11.11

[SMIL30 LC comment] 12. SMIL 3.0 Time Manipulations

[SMIL30 LC comment] 13. SMIL 3.0 External Timing

[SMIL30 LC comment] 16. SMIL 3.0 Transition Effects

[SMIL30 LC comment] 19. SMIL 3.0 Extended Mobile Profile

[SMIL30 LC comment] 3.2

[SMIL30 LC comment] 3.4 and 3.6

[SMIL30 LC comment] 3.6.4 Simple animation functions ...

[SMIL30 LC comment] 3.9 SplineAnimation Module

[SMIL30 LC comment] 6. SMIL 3.0 Linking

[SMIL30 LC comment] 7. SMIL 3.0 Media Object

[SMIL30 LC comment] 7.13.2 MediaPanZoom Module

[SMIL30 LC comment] 7.7 SMIL MediaOpacity Module

[SMIL30 LC comment] 8. SMIL 3.0 smilText

[SMIL30 LC comment] Additional attributes

[SMIL30 LC comment] Feedback on the SMIL 3.0 LCWD specification from the Multimodal Interaction WG

[SMIL30 LC comment] from ITS Working Group

[SMIL30 LC comment] general structure and styling inconsistencies

[SMIL30 LC comment] more about the fill attribute

[SMIL30 LC Comment] Please use only one namespace

[SMIL30 LC comment] rounding in 17.4.4 and 19.4.4

[SMIL30 LC comment] small link error in MediaAccessibility

[SMIL30 LC comment] thanks for smilText

[SMIL30 LC comment] typo in 15.6.5

[SMIL30 LC comment] Use of 'must' in informative sections

A new multimedia authoring tool

about SMIL

Comments on: SMIL3.0 W3C Working Draft 13 July 2007

HTML+TIME support in IE7 ?

I will forward XForms comments on SMIL 3.0 LCWD tomorrow...thanks! <eom>

I18n comments coming

Incorrect Mime Type for Xiph media/ SMIL 3.0 WD

last call comment about role and access

Last Call Working Draft of the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 3.0)

Question regarding timeline concepts in SMIL

Regarding section 17.4.8 Media Object Modules of the SMIL 3.0 Language Profile

SMIL 3.0 comment: Normative reference to W3C namespace policy

SMIL Animation and CSS OM

SMIL for DivX advertisement

Use of PCM and Vorbis in the Mobile Profile of SMIL 3.0

XForms WG comments on SMIL 3.0 LCWD

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