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--think=foo.n3 Was: CWM bug + RFE: N3 to XML RDF fails on non-trivial Unicode

[httpRange-14] What do HTTP URIs Identify?

a few WebOnt notes from 1Jul

Alternative N3 Parsers for CWM

Bookmarklet to show anchors and ids in a DOM Level 1 compliant browser

Can I choose one simpleType in one element?

CWM bug + RFE: N3 to XML RDF fails on non-trivial Unicode


debugged swap stuff with daml validator. nifty!

Entity Ref Bug in XmlDiff

Fashion Handbags and Hair accessories

Fix for stringToN3 in notation3.py [was Re: CWM bug [...]]

foaf-o-matic test run


Fwd: Pictures of whiteboard

Fwd: Re: [RSS-DEV] To RDF, or not to RDF? That is the question!

HTML in RDF/Notation3

IEEJ Paper for Archive

Importing Definitions

LC Issue 226 Resolution

Media type approaches

Minus sign in ids Was: Alternative N3 Parsers for CWM

new earl test schema

new earl test schema (try #2)

next chat - 31 July 2002

owl:FunctionalProperty and owl:InverseFunctionalProperty etc's

Range of Web architecture? (was Re: Early draft of Architecture Document for your review

RDF abstract data model - editors' draft - 2002-07-25

RDF Concepts and Abstract Data Model: 29 July 2002


Software Quality: "Sad remark" quote from Dijkstra

Some thoughts on L-Base

TEST: FunctionalProperty InverseFunctionalProperty 3.4 4.1

Testing Enigmail GPG support in Mozilla mail client

Using WinCVS to access w3ccvs

W3C XSLT Service

Webont: draftStanford ftf meeting record

What do these error messages mean? (xmldsig schema)

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