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"Website Accessibility Evaluation Methodology" Editor Draft for review

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[free-aria] Free-aria mailing list is back and alive!

A couple of issues I overlooked last week

Access Board Releases New Draft of ICT Rule for Public Comment

Another further example for F69

Audio Captcha and G144

AW: Another further example for F69

AW: Further example for F69

AW: link text 2.4.4

AW: Objection to the deletion of F69

AW: Proposal for failure of SC 1.4.5 and 1.4.9

Colour Contrast and Text Shadows

Further example for F69

Fwd: Registration Open: Website Accessibility Metrics - Online Symposium - 5 December


Is highlighting a word a failure of 1.4.1 Use of color?

ISSUE-12: 4. Issue LC-2501: I feel that the 2 sufficient techniques should be 'and' not 'or'

link text 2.4.4

Minutes WCAG 10 November 2011

Minutes WCAG 13 October 2011

Minutes WCAG 17 November 2011

Minutes WCAG 20 October 2011

Minutes WCAG 27 October 2011

Minutes WCAG 8 December 2011

Objection to the deletion of F69

Open issues list

Please send agenda items by end-of-day Tuesday

Please send agenda items for this week

Please send survey items by EOD Tuesday

Please send survey items for this week by end-of-day Tuesday

Proposal for failure of SC 1.4.5 and 1.4.9

Red text in HTML5 DOC fails Colour Contrast

Reminder - no meetings until January

Reminder - no teleconference this week.

Reminder: no meeting this week - eom

Should page title not convey context SC 2.4.2 (A)

Special survey for F69

Useful links for Action Items

WCAG 2 Techniques 06/11 draft: F82, F86 and H65

WCAG2 "Web Page" vs HTML5 "Web Document"

Website Accessibility Evaluation Methodology for WCAG 2.0

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