Re: W3C Translators guidelines: a proposal

>On Fri, 26 Jan 2007 19:07:29 +0100, Gabriele Romanato  
><> wrote:
>>Hi everyone.
>>I'm planning to write a short document about some guidelines for  
>>translating W3C documents.
>>These guidelines should be focused on some semantic and lexical aspects  
>>of W3C documents.
>>This is a work in progress for the future. Anyway, I have a big restraint
>>due to the limits of my own language, i.e. Italian.
>>If someone wants to join the project, he/she will be welcome.
>>Everyone should bring his/her experience in translating,
>>adding examples taken from its own language (for istance, explaining the
>>linguistic choice used in the translation).
>>In fact, this should be a co-work in progress. I'll be waiting  for your
>>answers. Bye.
>>Gabriele Romanato
>Dear Gabriele, dear Andrea, dear translators
>Gabriele Romaneto as a volunteer translator is proposing to write some  
>guidelines for translating W3C documents, Andrea Garcia-Falces as  
>Communication Staff of the W3C Spain Office is interested to contribute to  
>writing guidelines for translating W3C documents in different languages.
>We have two volunteers to work on this project to write some guidelines to  
>translators. We currently have a few tips at  
> and if  
>I understand correctly, this is not enough.

One additional suggestion I have is to check for translations of similar or 
related documents in the w3c list and to check how the technical vocabulary 
is translated there;
thus when there are several options for translating a technical term,
it might be best to use the current practice!
--C. E. Whitehead
>We recommend that our most experienced translators be involved in the  
>work, at least for review and discussion on the list. We think a  
>cooperation with people who have done a huge translation work for us, and  
>who therefore know a lot about practice (JJ Solari, Erno Pataki, K Dubost,  
>S Mintert, S Schumacher, C Hsu, etc...) would add significantly to the  
>The final product will be an informal web page linked off the Translation  
>Would you like to work on a wiki? How do you wish to conduct the work?
>Best regards,
>Coralie Mercier  Communications | Administration
>              World Wide Web Consortium -
>  Home Office: 18 allée de la foret - 06550 La Roquette sur Siagne - FR
>T:+33(0)492387590 F:+33(0)492387822

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